Contract administration


BRD Tech has the capacity to move the development from the design phase to the construction phase.

Once we have obtained the Local Authority approvals and approval under the Building Regulations, we can prepare working drawings, tender documents and a full specification.  These are used to obtain tenders for the work from suitable contractors and once the tenders are received we will prepare a tender analysis and assist you in the selection of a contractor.  A JCT standard building contract is then prepared for all parties to sign which will set out the scope of the works and the way it is to be managed.

When work commences regular site meetings are held to monitor the progress of work and these are fully minuted.  In this way any proposed revisions to the scheme can be effectively controlled and costed.  BRD Tech will act as the client’s representative in day to day dealings with the appointed contractor.  Such dealings will include payments; BRD Tech will ensure that these are only authorised for surveyed and valued work carried out.  For the client’s peace of mind we will issue payment certificates, which clearly state the amount of money that needs to be paid to the contractor on a prior arranged monthly or fortnightly basis.

When the project is deemed to be complete we will issue a Certificate of Practical Completion.  This will commence a defect liability period, usually of 12 months, where the building is monitored and any defects arising will be carried out by the contractor.  It is usual for the client to retain 2.5% of the contract sum for this period to cover the cost of any works.

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