The building regulations


The Building Regulations are a set of technical standards which relate to nearly all building work which takes place in the UK.

They are separate from the Planning Permission process and usually consider different aspects of a development.

The Building Regulations are a Statutory Instrument produced by Parliament and are in place to ensure minimum standards in buildings for health, safety, energy conservation and access.  These technical requirements are given as broad functional requirements which are open to interpretation.

Guidance is given in the form of Approved Documents divided into subject areas:

Part A – Structural Safety
Part B – Fire Safety
Part C – Resistance to Moisture and Weather
Part D – Toxic Substances
Part E – Resistance to Sound
Part F – Ventilation
Part G – Hygiene
Part H – Drainage and Waste Disposal
Part J – Heat Producing Appliances
Part K – Protection from Falling
Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Power
Part M – Access to and Use of Buildings
Part N – Glazing Safety
Part P – Electrical Safety

Adherence to the guidance given in the Approved Document is a way of showing compliance although alternative solutions are permitted through consultation with the Building Control body.

All controllable building work must have a valid application in place prior to commencement.  Historically the Local Authority provided Building Control services, but now this market has been opened up to the private sector as well.  Known as Approved Inspectors, these companies and individuals act as the Building Control Body and provide approvals and inspections.

BRD Tech is happy to work with all Building Control Bodies and have joined the Local Authority Partnership Scheme.  Here we have partnered with Uttlesford District Council who can provide Building Control services for our projects regardless of where they are in the country.  We have found the strong professional relationship which has developed, has benefitted our clients with a consistency of approach and a greater quality and speed of service.

More information regarding the Building Regulations can be found on the Planning Portal website.

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